Comments:Bush says US troop build-up in Iraq has brought 'hope'

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The "surge" is "working" to accomplish what?Edit

The purpose of maintaining any U.S. presence of troops in Iraq is questionable. The integrity of any claims made by the White House is questionable after they claimed and could not substantiate that Iraq harbored "weapons of mass destruction." What does it mean to say that a "surge" is "working"? Is it "working" to reduce the presence of the military in Iraq? No, quite the opposite is happening. If Al-Qaeda is seen as the ultimate perpetrator of terrorism against the United States, then what does that have to do with Iraq? Osama Bin Laden was never captured. Al-Qaeda is said to be stronger than ever. Further, maintaining any presence is depleting the U.S. treasury, our natural resources, and is a burden to tax payers.