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The title of this article is too long. Please think about shortening it to something concise. IronFist 23:17, 30 December 2007 (UTC)

I would disagree. I think this is of reasonalbe length, while still being suitibly informative. Blood Red Sandman (Talk) (Contribs) 23:27, 30 December 2007 (UTC)
A concise title may be: 'Bilawal Bhutto assumes leadership of PPP'. Or even, 'Bilawal Bhutto, son of Benazir, assumes leadership of PPP'. IronFist 23:43, 30 December 2007 (UTC)

Bilawal Bhutto : Dynastic versus Military DictorshipEdit

There have been hunderds of articles in international media glorifying the feudal dynastic dictatorship: e.g.

The media has predominantly supported undemocratic dynastic politics as well as glorified military dictatorship. It would take me a lot of time putting dozens of links, so I have included only the above link. How come these people belonging to democratic societies do not stick to same standards when talking about democracy in our country. Is not their attitude to democracy in Pakistan and rest of the world criminally negligent ? Are not they promoting dictatorship in our country by glorifying dynastic politics and military rule ?

The bottom line whoever comes to power in Pakistan depends on opinion expressed in international media to survive and so by openly criticizing them and asking them to reform their own political parties can force the change in countries like Pakistan.

An important role that media can play in present Pakistani crisis is by highlighting the weaknesses of the present Pakistani political and military leaders e.g. by pointing out that they corrupt and undemocratic (feudal dictators,military dictators). The political leadership which is supported by western governments is dynastic and there are no leadership contests within so called democratic parties of the Pakistan.

It should be noted that West is quick at awarding collective punishments which is against acceptable norms of justice and democracy itself. If UK, UK and other issue democracy certificates to the whole nation Pakistan and award collective punishment to the whole nation by suspending our membership in commonwealth and crucial aid packages then they should also punish the individuals and organizations aka political parties that are responsible for undemocratic practices in our country rather than awarding collective punishments.

The US, UK and other democratic nations should issue democracy certificates to political parties in Pakistan based on :-

1). Inter party democracy e.g. free and fair leadership elections , which can be verified by international observers.

2). Commitment to non-violence.

3). Commitment to open and verifiable sources of their finances.

Sanctions should be imposed against political parties and individuals failing to satisfy these conditions :

1). Freezing funds of party and their leaders.

2). Travel ban.

This is similar to what was done against Gadafi but such pressure would surely work in case of Pakistan given dependence of our parties on international support.

To promote democracy the democratic political parties of the world should get united and form a league such as Association of Democratic Political Parties of the World. This forum should promote uniform application of democratic principles across the world. The membership to this club should be subject to certain condition such as inter-party democracy. Such a club would promote democracy by promoting democracy and good practices within political parties of the world. Moreover membership to such a club would ensure that a political party has to follow certain standards thus ensuring democratic practices are followed uniformly.


S. Hassan Amin

we welcom the Bilawal bhutto zardari chairman PPP son of martire muhtarmma Benazir bhutto doughter of east brave doughter Sindh she lost her life fight against dictatorship in Pakistan every moment of life she sacrifice for pakistani

nation for democracy. Bilawal bhutto zardari said historical sentence in his first press conference democracy is best revenge May Allah gave him long life to follow her mother,s democratic way of life
 we and our offsprings never forget henious
matyre of shaheed muhtarumma Benazir bhutto

now when i see the past programes of shaheed rani queen of the world on tv no body can imagine state of my heart and mind

God bless elder son of shaheed muhtarma benazir bhutto with long life

Comments from feedback form - "بب"Edit

بب — (talk) 12:24, 3 May 2012 (UTC)