Comments:Australian Government proposes amendments to Racial Discrimination Act

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Name calling007:47, 4 April 2014
The Mad Monk121:19, 30 March 2014
How can free speech and vilification be placed in the same sentence ?021:17, 30 March 2014

Name calling

I don’t know if you Aussies know the phrase “Stick & stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” The only ones complaining about being called names are the ones who haven’t the smarts to just walk away or ignoring it. Every race has names called them from other races, no laws are going to chance that fact of life; it’s just human nature and Free Speech. And you know what, we all get along together - more or less as long as it doesn’t involve violence.

The Mad Monk

Back to the past? It is so easy to see the past through rose colored glasses. Yes it is fair to say that there where great things in days gone by that we miss. We do lament. What is often overlooked when getting all nostalgic is the way our society used to treat other cultures, and indeed anyone who didn't fit our Aussie may of life. It was acceptable(sic) to make fun of the Irish. It was acceptable to throw out the odd "abo" joke at barbies.

What has changed is our maturity as a people. It is not right to vilify someone because they come from a different culture. It is not right to think less of someone just because they they don't spend Australia day drunk with a flag draped across their back. We are strong as a nation not inspite of being diverse, but because we are diverse.

What I find particularly disturbing, as so well articulated in this article, is the anointed one, the mad monk, Abbott, is giving the green light to the ghosts of the past to resurrect themselves.

It has taken those of us who think about what we do so long to get to the place we are now. This is not snakes and ladders. We don't need Abbott to send us back to square one. (talk)02:51, 29 March 2014

How can free speech and vilification be placed in the same sentence ?

The article is extremely well written and brings up a topic that hits the raw nerve of many educated and empathetic Australians. Yes freedom of speech is everyone's right , however when at the detriment of others , it's right is lost. People are entitled to think the way they do , and many times this is because of ignorance or non education . When the humanity and self esteem of a fellow human being is lost because of an act of racial slur , hate speech , judgement based on prior values or worldview , a stop needs to be made. How can you think that you can be justified in going even further backwards Abbott ? What about placing value and energy on changing the constitution to include the First people of the. Country you control ,or placing a right on people who are not heterosexual ? Give me strength . (talk)21:17, 30 March 2014