Comments:Attention drawn to high suicide rates in Scotland, Russia, Australia

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Comments from feedback form - "I question the wisdom of the "..."

I question the wisdom of the "noose" image as a "popular" method. It seems as ill-advised as the term "successful suicide". (talk)10:19, 9 August 2012

You are so right (talk)20:56, 13 December 2012

I would like anyone who has suffered the pain of a loved one taking their own lives, Scotland in particular to give feedback on the following..

The below links are an attempt by me Carina Scott to make charities spend money in the right places.

How much has it cost us donators for SAMH to get those adverts aired during watershed time on STV Scotland aimed at preventing young suicides in Scotland. Two Too Many campaign. 2 people in Scotland take their own lives every day !!! Why are colleges or university's not asked to make the adverts in return for equipment and not private production companies? Our Colleges need money and so do Charities, this is a way students can be more aware of the real situation, and network about it. As a TV Broadcast Student, our first lesson we learn is Aim Audience Approach.

Moving images flashed daily onto our screens into our minds have powerful effects on us all.

Help me do the right thing here get all Charity adverts made from students in future, by our young people, the very ones we need to be boosting their esteems, esp Men who think they either have no future, or its all over before it began...being a burden.... or too late to learn new skills...

My younger Dyslexic Brother hung himself in 1998, Yet I have never been asked for an opinion from any researching bodies, My Father took that same way less than 2 months ago, and no red flags popped up on NHS radar and reached out to me or my Father, yet its the same Month (every year) I am sitting in the Doctors surgery having panic attacks as I was so worried my Dad would do the I made myself ill so he would have to look after me.

Unfortunately I was well this year...

So lets please get them to put their money where their mouths are and give young people a future and confidence. VIA EDUCATION when they spend our donated money. I have asked them those questions and am in contact with them soon so i would dearly value your opinion before I go.

I reach out to every soul out there who has suffered the pain of their loved ones last decision.

To watch videos follow link :

and if you feel as strongly about it as I do :

I study at Edinburgh College Milton Rd Campus (talk)20:54, 13 December 2012