Comments:21 people killed and 113 reported injured in three blasts in Mumbai

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it a great devastating

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Why It happend again ?022:35, 13 July 2011

Why It happend again ?

Indeed it is a big sorrow again for our modern India whose new and old generation does not want to see or witness all these POLITICALLY motivated attacks on innocent masses.The real culprits should be imprisoned and get most brutal form of death. But irony is it will not happen because it happens only in India.

Now some strings of event would be , opposition party ( BJP )will attack and drag congress party that it is a weak government and it should resign. Opposition will not leave this issue for their political benefit.

Congress government will say that it has done by Pakistan or by Indian Mujahedeen or so called Videshi Takat ka Hath ( role of international power ). Somehow they would be able to find the masterminds, real or fake of these attacks( definitely muslims with a typical names )and it would be declared as done by Islamic terrorist. This would be reported to USA ( as usual our all governments never spare any opportunity to lick USA`s feet to get into their good books ). USA would pretend that they are favoring India and some good diplomatic speech would be aired by them that USA and India are fighting together against terrorism ( Both of them knows the root cause of terrorism )and we will start assuming that everything would be fine as hum honge kamyab ek din( someday we will win ).

Now the game of TRP will start & Whole media who itself is politically motivated will show partial unfair news, would take it as a profitable event and all news channel would try to make every news spicy attention seeking to sell it in a best possible way by starting campaigns,candle march and SMS protest and discussions and would focus only on the current hot cakes sale able news. This would take couple of months till it becomes a old stale news and all current scams and corruption issues would be forgotten.

Now question arises is that do we really don't know why it is happening and how it can be stopped?.

I fail to understand why all these unnatural disasters happens at the time when elections are round the corner or when corruption is at peak. our politicians are running out of excuses to hide their act of shame and corruptions and these things divert everybody's attention. Are these done by them? May be.

Ajmal Kasab,is still in a custody and enjoying his life just because of long complicated weak judicial system. He was caught red handed in 90\11 attack on Mumbai and should have been hanged way back but still case hearings are on and millions of Rupees are being spent on his custody and security. Why?

BJP itself is doing his best to save their leaders and favoring to save Pragya Sadhvi , Colonel Purohit , Swami aacharya who has admitted the conspiracy of bomb explosions and terror attacks attacks in India and dreamed of making the nation Muslim free ( so called Abhinav Bharat ). They are also not being hanged. Why?

There are thousands of Why which every indian like me have but nobody ever replied them because they just dont really care about this Why. (talk)22:35, 13 July 2011