Comments:12-year-old school boy has sex change in Sussex, England

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Well, my first question is why would someone humiliate them self by dressing up as the OPPOSITE sex?! That is just STUIPD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^^Indeed. Really, this is just epically stupid. A Sex change is a decision for adults, not children! Don't they expect people to call him names if he wears a bikini and dresses, and has ponytails? Jeeze, most girls don't even do that. Bet his home environment is messed up. That is the only thing that wqould prompt something like that I think.

My thoughts


I have no problem with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. In fact, I find it appalling that many organizations and governments have discriminated against the LGBT community. But how can this twelve-year-old sex change be legal? A twelve-year old boy! He cannot be trusted to understand his sexuality at such an early age. This could be a mistake, one which is totally irreversible. If not the government, the parents should talk some sense into this boy. -- Poe Joe (talk) 01:09, 20 September 2009 (UTC)Reply

I don't know the exact situation but I'd think that there is a proccess in place before the legal change could occur --RockerballAustralia (talk) 01:18, 20 September 2009 (UTC)Reply
I don't think twelve is too young. By the time most kids enter elementary school, they have a basic understanding of boys and girls, and those who feel they came out wrong, so to speak, may already feel alienated. Plus, the earlier in one's life to begin transition, the easier.
I do think that the school screwed this up royally though.
This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. I am a huge advocate of underage rights, but a twelve year old is simply way to young to adequately make that kind of a decision for himself. This seems to be a case of the kid's parents wishing they had a daughter instead of a son. Rekov (talk) 11:19, 20 September 2009 (UTC)Reply

A Young Hero and her parents


The way I see it, this young child and her parents are heroes. It takes so much courage to be openly transsexual and for this young girl and her parents to acknowledge and take action is just beautiful to me. These kinds of instances where someone young declares their true gender identity at such an early age provide the proof that for many transsexual people this is something that is inherent in the very essence of who they are. In other words, it is biologically influenced.

I know it, wrong one.

wow.-- (talk) 04:37, 20 September 2009 (UTC)Reply

All these things are non-sense. Those who did so are ruining the minds, in short white washing!


I'm surprised this is even legal. The story should have said something about that.

the school was very rash in their decision to publicly announce it and require the student to behave accordingly coz you know young people perceive things differently in comparison to in this case it would be wise for the school to hold pta meeting and find solution on how to approach the issue with the kids involved and to minimize negative stereotyping



I am confused to read this news, is he made this decision by his own or someone forced him to do this..In these types of cased most of the time society is responsible to do this.

If I recall correctly...


In the case of young children who want a sex change, don't they normally give them some sort of medication that prevents puberty for a while, so if the child doesn't want a sex change after all when they're older they can come off the medication and just let things go as they would and if (when they are old enough to make the decision proper) they still want to go ahead, they haven't already developed the secondary sexual characteristics of their "natural" sex? Either they've decided to forgo this rather sensible course of action or some epic misreporting is afoot...--Bisected8 (talk) 14:36, 21 September 2009 (UTC)Reply

I think that this is exactly what is happening in this case. In any case it would be irresponsible in the extreme to simply grant a 12 year old child's wishes (wishes that would be of a permanent nature) without giving them a substantial amount of time to change their minds. Gopher65talk 15:19, 21 September 2009 (UTC)Reply

Please respect the child's wishes and refer to her as the girl she is, instead of a boy, during this article.

I considered this, but for the sake of clarity decided to refer to the child as male throughout. After all, none of the physical changes have yet been started, and this approach is consistent with the sources. the wub "?!" 20:17, 22 September 2009 (UTC)Reply

I was saddened to read that the family of this child had been threatened and needed police protection. What kind of society needs to threaten and advocate violence against anyone who is different to them. Wouldn't it be better to accept and support this family in what must be a very difficult time for them.—Ningbojoe (talk) 00:42, 22 September 2009 (UTC)Reply

Change Schools?


Easiest solution would have been: Change Schools. bit late now... how do you punish someone for calling him a boy, while he still has penis. Does he change with the girls, or the boys...? I would be the school would not let him change with the Girls, and i would expect the girls parents would not approve of it either. (talk) 20:09, 22 September 2009 (UTC)Reply

Sex Change Article


This story is about a 12 year old boy who is having a sex change. His name was legally changed as well. Classmates were told to accept this person as a girl. All through the article however, this person is not once referred to by the author as "she", but as "boy", "him" and "he". As the individual in question identifies as female and is becoming female physically, this is inappropriate and disrespectful. Once the fact of sex change had been established, the author should have referred to the child as the girl that she now is. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:11, 20 December 2009 (UTC)Reply

See my comment above, as one of the authors of the article. the wub "?!" 19:43, 20 December 2009 (UTC)Reply

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God help the people of this world, this is not what God intended. I mean really, what would his parents have done if this child had chosen to become a horse, lol. Would the build for him a million dollar stable, feed him hay and shovel his shit out the window? — (talk) 05:50, 9 May 2010 (UTC)Reply

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very sey — (talk) 12:27, 10 August 2010 (UTC)Reply

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edit (talk) 08:24, 2 November 2010 (UTC)Reply

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its stupid ile fucking smack the guy. — (talk) 21:49, 24 November 2010 (UTC)Reply

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sex boy 8teen — (talk) 17:58, 27 December 2010 (UTC)Reply

what is wrong with this people, this is just sick!

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If an individual has identified as female, through legal or public avenues, then all references to her current gender should be female. — (talk) 19:33, 8 January 2011 (UTC)Reply

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Neutralyity — (talk) 14:48, 17 January 2011 (UTC)Reply

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sex — (talk) 09:21, 1 May 2011 (UTC)Reply

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I challenge the impartiality and sensitivity of the story referring to this child as a boy instead of respecting her own self identification and explaining why that is appropriate. — (talk) 13:24, 1 September 2011 (UTC)Reply

Just a few thoughts...


Is this lad really capable of understanding what such a procedure could do to him?

I mean, if someone wants to live as the opposite sex, fine, but it wouldn't hurt to put some serious consideration into it.

Also, I have to agree with the woman in the article, posting this in the news was probably a huge mistake. Ostracise the kid more, why don't ya?

But I'll sit back and see how this goes. -- (talk) 00:04, 10 September 2011 (UTC)Reply

Comments from feedback form - "the author insists in referrin..."


the author insists in referring to her as "him", "his", etc. this has *nothing* to do with the fact that no actual surgery was done. gender identity is a human rights issue and is separated from body issues. this article should be corrected (after all, the policy says "we will not alter or update the content of articles that are archived, but will only accept requests to make grammatical and formatting corrections." but this is a case for grammatical correction) — (talk) 07:22, 22 September 2011 (UTC)Reply

Further appeals to change the gender references to the girl covered in it.


If the person involved is presenting as a girl, and if the article insists there is a "sex" "change" going on (how is representing one's gender identity in any way a 'sex' 'change'?), than it makes it absolutely no sense that she is referenced to as a male. It, in of itself, assumes what it is reporting is untrue, that there is just a boy pretending to be a girl, and that there was no "sex" "change", because if there was a "sex" "change", why would the article not acknowledge what it is that its reporting? As for 'clarity', it was very unclear to me, because I thought it was about a Female-to-Male transsexual person because the subject was referred to as a 'boy'. And as for consistency with external sources, it does not matter. The external sources are incorrect in their reporting. External sources are not the gospel, nor is WikiNews a stranger to independent reporting. This kind of reckless presentation of transgender issues really does harm youths like the girl in this article from having any solace whatsoever in life.

Comments from feedback form - "i like it sex guy"


i like it sex guy — (talk) 09:20, 11 October 2011 (UTC)Reply

Use common sense


Can this story display behavior that is any more idiotic?

First, a twelve year old does not have the mental or emotional capacity to make such life-altering decisions. Such an operation should only be performed when a person is of legal age.

Second, the parents should be held completely responsible for putting this child at risk of severe emotional trauma. The law requires that parents be held accountable for their children's behavior. Are these parents accessories to a criminal act? If so, they should be prosecuted immediately and to the full extent of the law.

Third, the school should have been better prepared for this bombshell and it's affect on the student body. Students will be students and any action by a government agency to modify the natural behavior of school children should be scrutinized by the school board and responsible parents.

While gay, lesbian and transgender proponents would have us believe that this is an issue about the right to sexual choice, common sense should tell us that sex change operations for minors is an issue of protecting our children from such nonsense. At least until our children grow up and can make such life-altering decisions.

His to young to do that o_o—The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs)