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Yes, the Light died with Gail Kobe/Pam Long Hammer regime, who tried to turn Guiding Light into their defunct, and canceled NBC "Texas." Within days, gone were "Mike Bauer;" the beautiful and talented Kathleen Cullen (Amanda Wexler); John Wesley Shipp. Great talents. And P&G let them do it. Then they turned "Hope Bauer" into an alcoholic, then fired her because Ms. Rousell did not agree with the character change. Suddenly Alan Michael, Hope's son, appears. Babies two days before, now Phil, Rick and Alan Michael: adults. Only few talents remained after the ax of Kobe/Long Hammer. Suddenly, rejects from "Texas" have starring roles! Then we get an talentless Kim Zimmer to attempt to fill the excellent talent of Lenore Kasdorf("Rita"); Lynne Adams ("Leslie Jackson Bauer"); the beautiful Fran Myers ("Peggy Scott Dillman Fletcher Thorpe" - now an Emmy award winning writer.)Why didn't P&G bring in someone who knew the show; was the star of the the show - why, with all the problems have they NEVER had Fran as headwriter? So, get canceled. I stopped watching GL 23 years ago, when Kobe/Long Hammer & P&G fired Marcia Clarke ("Hillary Bauer"), because they didn't want her to take her vacation during an "important story line"? P&G have allowed that talentless Kim Zimmer leave the show more times one can count. I feel sorry for the actors who will loose their jobs: Newman, and Sloane, especially. Yet I am so glad, to NEVER see Kim Zimmer's face on daytime TV again. Fired from "The Doctors;" fired from "One Live to Live." Good riddance to her. She can't hold a candle to the daytime greats as Mary Stuart ("Search for Tomorrow"); Erika Slezak & Robin Strasser (OLTL); Judith Chapman (Y&R); Gillian Spencer ("Robin Fletcher, GL, among other roles); Eileen Fulton (ATWT). Even Susan Lucci (AMC) can act circles around Ms. Zimmer. Supporting actress Tina Sloane has more talent than Zimmer. I'm glad to see Guiding Light go. P&G was lucky to find "Search for Tomorrow" a new (short lived)home (with the great talent, Mary Stuart). Never happen with Guiding Light. The show died with Kobe/Hammer. Good bye, Guiding Light. "Blow out the candle, Laura." -Laurent0510 (talk) 05:26, 24 April 2009 (UTC)

yes! my name is Iene Reese and just wanted to say i was born 02/04/1960. Raised by my grandma, great grandma, and my aunt, three very lovely women, well to the point, just wanted to let the cast of the guiding light especally the ones that has been there all these years, know that i fell like im loosing a big part of my family, cause i have been with them since i can remember, i have watched this show and all others that have came and gone in the past fourty nine years, with my grandmother whom watched them all till she passed away and i continued on with them especially guiding light, it is rellly like a part of me like its my family, i moved away from my hometown seventeen years ago to keep me and my children alive from an ex whom was trying to kill us, so ive been away from my family all these years, and would cry everyday reva cryed and laugh when she laugh see i through the tv adopted her as my mother she looks and acts just like my mom well grandmother, i felt close and like i know her inside and out, her as my mom and josh as my father, and i well i love and cherrish all whom play on the show, i met danny santoes in person when he came to ft myers florida. would of given anything to of been able to of meet reva and josh in person and given her a big hug and showed her shes a part of the way i am in my life with my children loveing careing protective, especally since the way my brother and i's life were as babies, we were beat molested, and so on and she is the one that has goten me through all my fears and pains my tears, and tears i have cryed with her on the show. just wanted to tell them all through GOD now matter where they all may be or go on tv, or in the world my heart and prayers are with them always and i wish them luck in their future lives, and maybe one day i will see them on the streets on vacations or something, and would very much like to shake there hands on how all these years i made it through life cause of them all, cause they tought me alot just from watching them, and it will stay in my heart and my sole forever. LOVE YA ALL MUCH IRENE REESE. MAIDEN NAME DeVault from columbus ohio. live in n Ft Myers Florida now. MY prayers will be with ya all always, and so will my heart. GOD BLESS YA ALL AMEN, LOVE YA ALL ALWAYS. Your still my family and always will be.

I am going to miss 'Guiding Light' When it's GoneEdit

I don't know about most people, but I am going to miss Guiding Light when it's gone for good on September 18th, 2009. --Ericthebrainiac (talk) 15:05, 27 June 2009 (UTC)

I grew up with Phillip and Rick forty two years I have been a fan. I cant imagine life with a game show . Im still watching my 17 year old is wathching we hurry home to view this show . How dare P&G to take away my favorite show to accomidate another generation , who are shallow and self centered look at Tv today how stupid . Says alot about the next generation of world leaders they only want reality and laughter and Stupid . GOOD BYE TO GUIDING LIGHT My friends my family Rest in peace and I will never forget the things u helped me through in troubled times. I love you all very much, Bert, MO, Alan ,Roger