Comments:'Bridezilla' YouTube video: many debate legitimacy

But come now... you just accepted that it was 'fake' so easily? edit

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Just because the girls SAID it was acted/faked and planned, doesn't mean it actually was. it could have been a not-so-elaborate ruse created to cover a horribly embarrassing episode of behavior. And how easily everyone accepted the 'reveal' that it was fake without really questioning the 'facts' of the story.

Bridzilla's name really is "Jodi", and Jodi really was getting married.

Consider, really, just consider for the fun of it, that the video is not fake, or acted, and it was a real episode of a Jodi's Borderline Personality Disorder in full swing. Now consider that Jodi, after discovering the video was posted to YouTube, was mortified beyond mortified, that the 'friend' who posted it realized how horrible of a mistake she made by posting it. Her friend removes it but not soon enough before it is duplicated on other sites.

Consider that these girls are from very rich families. Consider that one of the girl's father's or friend of their father is the owner of Unilever/Sunsilk (a smallish company already... more easily persuaded by money to 'go along' even if they are not a 'friend' of the family per se). Consider that Jodi's father also will do anything to keep his highly irrational daughter with a possible personality disorder who he loves dearly and babied all her life from being holed up on her bedroom for god knows how long because her horribly embarrassing tantrum is on the world's stage.

Consider that the Ad firm that supposedly hired the director is also a friend of the family, or one created overnight (not hard to do) to help make the developing ruse, designed to reverse the effects of the embarrassing personality disorder episode caught on tape, more believable.

Consider that Jodi Behan is supposed to have been a local actress, she was (but barely above the caliber as you or me acting in amateur films). But consider that she shows up almost nowhere in local films. Consider that even then, they might be one or two low budget indie films. Consider that her aspirations to be an actress would be significantly thwarted now that her BPS disorder was there for the world to see, the horrifying exposê that is almost unbearably embarrassing.

Then, when you watch the Channel 5 news report about it ( where the reporter is patting herself and colleagues on the back for recognizing it was fake from the beginning. Pay close attention to how easily the reporters just accept everything the girl's are saying, drinking up the 'oh, isn't it so funny how we planned that whole thing for an advertising company'. Watch closely how the girl's look like they could just as easily be 'forcing' the supposed fun they are having with that news clip. Note the quick clip of their 'singing'...ahem. Just sounded like normal girl's to me, not girl's with any real acting talents any more than what the typical person has.

Note her hair still looks bad...and why woudl she hack it up liek that for a small gimick on the day of her wedding?

Note none of the other girls, some touted as 'actresses' so boldly shortly after the 'reveal', show up anywhere on the web in any significant venue after this (which one would expect if someone was NOT really a respected actress).

Note that there was NO critical eye placed on the claim that the film was FAKED. That as SOON as it was 'revealed', half of everyone seemed to congratulate themselves for knowing it ahead of time, and the other half who thought it was real ducked out of sight feeling pretty stupid that they fell for it. But again, no one said.. wait a minute... Who was the director? What advertising firm? Who owns Unilever? Why did they use real names throughout? Why was the film removed so quickly, when it was supposed to be an advertising gimmick (which, by the way, the company had the most lame 'reason' for having it removed... akin to "not the idea we wanted to get across"). Has anyone really paid attention to Jodi Behen since then? IS she stable? Is she a nut case? Did she get married, or was she engaged to Kevin? Where was Kevin in all this? Where was ANYone else in all this....note how NO one else, not her boyfriend, not the ad execs from the company.. no one is even remotely close to the camera's and interviews that fell on Jodi and her crew.

The biggest thing to think about is not if it is real or fake, but how easily everyone just 'accepted' it was fake.. when... it also looks like exactly how one might expect it to look if one were to create a ruse to cover a very mortifying and embarrassing tantrum, and in such case, not only would I empathize with creating such an elaborate ruse... I'd not find this ruse to be so elaborate to not carry it out, if I loved my nutso 'little girl' and was determined to reverse the horribly damaging effects the original posting caused.

Signed: Jaded1.