Collingwood and St. Kilda draw 2010 AFL Grand Final

Saturday, September 25, 2010 File:St Kilda Saints Jumper.svg

St Kilda finished third on the ladder with 15 wins, six losses and a draw
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Collingwood finished on top on the ladder with 17 wins, four losses and a draw
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Collingwood and St. Kilda have drawn the 2010 Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final - the third such occurance in league history - played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Both sides advanced after winning their Qualifying and Preliminary Finals.

The AFL finals series groups the best eight teams into two groups - the first through fourth and fifth through eighth. The winners of the Qualifying Finals (first v fourth, second v third) get a week off, the losers play the winners of the Elimination Finals (Fifth v eighth, sixth v seventh).

Australian rules football is played on a field 170-200 metres long by 140-170 metres wide. The two teams consist of 18 players a side. Scores are quoted as goals-behinds (total).

Collingwood finished top of the ladder after the 22 Home and away season matches with four losses and a draw. They defeated Western Bulldogs by 62 points in the Qualifying Final then Geelong by 41 points in the Preliminary Final.

St Kilda finished third. They defeated Geelong by four points in Qualifying Final then the Western Bulldogs by 24 points in the Preliminary Final.

Collingwood won the toss and kicked towards the city end.

First Quarter
Collingwood 4.2.26
St. Kilda 3.2.20
Second Quarter
Collingwood 7.8.50
St. Kilda 5.3.33
Third Quarter
Collingwood 7.12.54
St. Kilda 7.4.46
September 25, 2010
Collingwood 9-14 (68)
St. Kilda 10-8 (68)
Melbourne Cricket Ground
Attendance: 100,016
Umpires: Chamberlain, Rosebury, Ryan

Darren Jolly kicked the first goal of the match after 24 seconds. The ball kept entering the Collingwood forward line, however St Kilda continued intercepting the ball. Collingwood then scored a behind after a kick for goal was touched right on the goal line.

Several minuites later Stephen Milne kicked St Kilda's first goal of the match. Soon after Jarryd Blair kicked a goal, furthering Collingwood's lead. Alan Didak then kicked a goal after St Kilda's Sean Dempster kicked the ball out of bounds on the full. Dale Thomas quickly afterwards kicked a goal from fifty meters out from goal.

With five minuites in the quarter remaning, Nick Riewoult took a mark fifty meters out, however missed. However, a second attempt two minuites later was sucessful. Adam Schnider then kicked a goal, further reducing the margin to one goal by quarter time.

Travis Cloke opened the scoring for the second quarter at 2:57 into the quarter. He should've had more at half time but kicked two behinds from right in front at the end of the quarter.

Justin Koschitzke Kicked St Kildas only goal for the term at the twelve minute mark. Brent Macaffer (17:41) and Harry O'Brien (25:13) kicked Collingwodds other goals to half time. Collingwood lead 7-8 (50) to St Kilda 4-2 (26).

Nick Riewoult kicked St Kilda's first goal of the thrid quarter after two and a half minuites. After this point a number of behinds were conceeded in Collingwoods favor in what is regarded as the "premiership quarter". Brendan Goddard kickes a goal later on in the quarter. Collingwood failed to kick a goal in the whole third quarter, however held a lead of 8 points at Three Quarter Time.

St Kilda kicked three goals to two in the final quarter to bring and end to only the third drawn grand final in VFL/AFL history. Lenny Hayes kicked his first for the game while Goddard and Milne eached kicked their second.

Leon Davis kicked Collingwoods first for the quarter at eight minutes. Cloke kicked his second at twenty six minutes to put collingwood in front. St Kildas Lenny Hayes scored the final behind to tie the scores three minutes later.

The grand final will be replayed next week.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground hosted the 2010 AFL Grand Final
Channel Seven broadcast the match live in Australia
St Kilda last won a grand final in 1966


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