Chinese girl who was hit and run by two drivers, ignored by eighteen people, dies

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A photo of the 'Metromall' in Foshan

Two year old Wang Yue from Guangdong, China — who was hit and run by two van drivers, then disregarded by eighteen passers-by — has died.

Video footage caught by a CCTV camera last week shows the onlookers pass her whilst she lay cataleptic and bleeding in a busy market in Foshan. In the end Wang was rescued by a 58 year old rubbish collector, who has been proclaimed a hero after he moved her to the side of the street and got help.

The incident resulted in a worldwide outcry questioning the ethics of the Chinese people. The local government is now looking to bring in a law to make it obligatory for members of the public to assist those in anguish.