These are screen shots. It is believed that screen shots may be exhibited on Wikimedia projects under the fair use provision of United States copyright law. Use of screen shots here does not imply endorsement of the software by the Wikimedia Foundation, nor does it imply endorsement of the Wikimedia Foundation by the software.

Screen shots must be tagged with the {{screen shot}} template.

Screen shots are images created on a user's computer from what is visible on the computer screen. The software or information visible in the screen shot may still be copyrighted, so these images are often not free. A limited number of images (for example, not every page of a website or every screen of a computer program) may fall under the Fair Use description if they are used to illustrate a newsworthy story.

Example of appropriate use: A capture of a program's splash screen or a shot highlighting a specific news worthy item in an article about the program or news item.

An image specific for the article, and not attempting to cover every element of the program, website, or other data.

Example of inappropriate use: Screen captures showing important elements of how a software works or substantial elements of a copyrighted material, like how to solve a game or much of a website.

Too much, or too general, and not being used to illustrate the article but rather to convey much of the copyrighted information through the graphics.

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