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The time is 6:21 PM (ET) (23:21 UTC) on Sunday January 14, 2007, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


Toxic wetlands may be cause of thousands of bird deaths in Western Australia


Western Australian government authorities say they believe a toxin may be responsible for the recent mystery deaths of an estimated 5,000 dead birds found around Esperance - on the state's south eastern coastline.

New Zealand Green party rates other parties on climate change policies

New Zealand

The Green party of New Zealand has ranked other political parties in New Zealand based on their policies and action taken on climate change. The results were announced at a Greens picnic today by co-leader, Doctor Russel Norman at his State of the Planet speech.

Serial killer on the loose in Mumbai


The serial killer stalking Mumbai's streets claimed another victim last night. A senior police official said that they had found food at the crime scene, indicating that the victim had been offered food before being killed.

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